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Vampire by Sydney Brianna

I’ve worked with Stephanie for five novels from my Paranormal Erotic Romance series, Custodes Pacis. Her attention to detail and knowledge of grammar has caught many issues that I would have missed, and her understanding of style and word use in my sub-genre has been a blessing. Her copyedit notes are easy to follow and comprehensive, and she provides a great style sheet to highlight choices and details to keep you organized and aware of your individual preferences (and crutches). She has been flexible and open in a genre that others would have been less comfortable working with, and always provided honest, productive feedback. Stephanie delivers as promised, making her a reliable editor that will return thorough notes on schedule. She has been communicative and abundantly supportive, and I simply can’t say enough wonderful things about her. It has been a pleasure to work with Stephanie on my series, and I can’t wait to finish it out strong with her in my corner for books six and seven!

Lost Souls Recovered by Eric Walker

Stephanie is quite knowledgeable in her craft, which I find to be well-honed. But it was her professionalism and friendly nature in working with me that sold me on her skills as an editor. She genuinely cares about my manuscript and my skills as an author. Stephanie took the time to explain in her comments what the Chicago Manual of Style suggests to be done in certain situations. What impressed me the most is that she caught several inconsistencies, whether it was with the spelling of names to where I wrote one thing earlier in the book only for it to later be something else altogether. Her discovery of mistakes like these were priceless.

I highly recommend Stephanie as an editor. She’ll do an excellent job for you. 

White Knuckles by Tom Diggs

She was direct, without being judgmental. She pinpointed several inconsistencies that helped me re-shape the narrative. I gave her a handful of areas I wanted her to focus on, and she addressed them all. Her eye for overwriting and POV head-jumping was keen, and she was equally good at highlighting grammar consistencies. In the world of the grammar police, she would be the good cop. Her summary notes beyond the line-by-line comments were supportive, upbeat, and even gave me some ideas for pitching the book. I highly recommend Stephanie.

Let's Fix America by Our National Conversation

I could not speak more highly of Stephanie. People like to say “nobody’s perfect,” but Stephanie’s editorial work seems to prove them wrong. Meticulous and thorough in everything she does, Stephanie always produces the most polished and perfected form of an author’s writing. The content she edits and finalizes speaks to her diligent work ethic and her many years of experience.

-Sara Ghiorzi (Editorial Team Lead)





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