Copyediting is the “correcting stage” of editing. At all levels of my Copyediting service—light, intermediate, heavy, and Indie Author—I’ll be working on the five C’s of copyediting:

  • Correctness
  • Completeness
  • Consistency
  • Clarity
  • Concision

Inconsistent or non-standard spelling, grammar, and punctuation are attended to, and logic is checked so that the reader can follow the story without distraction.

*Current 2024 copyediting rate is $0.015/word


Proofreading is the “quality-control stage” of editing where any final errors or layout problems are flagged to make your manuscript suitable for publication. I provide Proofreading services on fully edited and formatted documents. Proofreading is important because it is the last chance to find and fix errors before a manuscript is presented to readers.


*Current 2024 proofreading rate is $0.013/word.

Step 01

Sample Edit & Estimate

Fill out the linked form and submit your sample for a free sample edit. You will submit around 1,000 words and I will perform a free sample edit for your review. Upon receipt of the sample edit, you will receive a proposal for copyediting service or for proofreading.

A copyedit should come after a manuscript critique and developmental editing and before formatting and proofreading.

Step 02


 First, I will perform one round of copyediting through the manuscript. I will copyedit your document using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. This will show all corrections and comments with queries or explanations. One round entails thorough copyediting and resolving your responses to my queries.

STANDARD COPYEDITING FICTION SERVICE: Includes 2 passes of copyediting, an optional review round (see next step), and a style sheet.

INDIE AUTHOR PACKAGE: Includes 1 pass of fiction copyediting and a basic style sheet for $749 (up to 90K words). Only good for first-time clients.

After this round, I will return a finalized copy of the document showing all tracked changes, edits, and any comments or queries.  Copyediting service comes with a personalized style sheet.

Copyediting services include:






Number Style


Formatting (italics, headings, lists, etc.)

Extra letter and line spacing

Word usage



Verb tense

Consistency in text and story (characters, plot, time, attributes)


Jargon, cliches, and biased language

Awkward, wordy, or confusing sentences

Localized language

And, if applicable:

Table of Contents

Bibliography or References

Footnotes or Endnotes

Step 03

Optional Second Review Round  

One round of copyediting of a manuscript is often not enough to resolve all editorial issues – the writer is likely to have some follow-up changes. The author may prefer that the editor incorporates their responses to these changes and edit any further changes and queries made to the text after the first round of editing.

After you review my edits and queries, I will do another editing pass through the revised manuscript and perform a clean-up edit for an additional fee of $33/hr. I’ll be looking at any new changes that may have occurred and editing those as well as implementing your responses to further queries.

In the end, I will return a finalized copy with all revisions edited and changes accepted (a clean copy). You will also be provided with a personalized style sheet. Your manuscript is now ready for typesetting!




Proofreading is performed on a previously formatted PDF document. It is the final stage of editing. This is where I clean up those last-minute errors before going on to typesetting.

Must have had copyediting done by myself or someone else prior to proofreading. It is not a substitute for copyediting.

Additional services

 I can also provide assistance with: (with any copyediting service).

  • Blurbs $50 (only available with copyediting service)
  • Author bios $100
  • Query letters for traditional publishers $100 (only available with copyediting service)
  • Synopses $200 (only available with copyediting service)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What style guide do you use?

I copyedit and proofread fiction and nonfiction manuscripts using the Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.) or the style guide of your choice along with Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.) for US style or the New Oxford Style Manual for UK style.

Which types of genres do you copyedit or proofread?


Fiction Nonfiction
Romance Creative nonfiction
Action/Adventure Query Letters
Science Fiction and Fantasy Synopses
Horror Memoirs
Suspense/Thriller Essays
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction  


What is the "Indie Author Package?"

The Indie Author Package is my newest service for the cost-conscious indie author. This single-pass, basic copyedit gives your work of fiction the refinement needed to elevate it above the rest in a crowded marketplace. This package is for copyediting services to first-time clients only. For $749, a one-pass copyedit will be provided for a manuscript of up to 90,000 words. Only good one time.

How do you determine the pricing?

Every manuscript is unique and deserves the proper attention. I will look over your sample and determine the level of editing it will need as well as the time it will take to complete the process thoroughly. Then, I will send you an estimate with a price range for the services.

My current standard rate for 2024 is $0.015/word.

Prices vary depending on the length of the manuscript, and whether you have any additional requirements from the service. My pricing is guided by the CIEP’s suggested minimum rates and the Editorial Freelancers Association’s rate chart. If we decide to work together, I require a 10% booking deposit that is non-refundable.

How long will it take?

Once I start on your project, it can take 2-6 weeks depending on the length of the manuscript and the plan chosen.

What are the parameters for the free sample edit?

I offer a free sample edit of the following:

1,000 words for manuscripts over 20,000 words

500 words for manuscripts under 20,000 words

10% sample for manuscripts under 500 words

Please submit a sample from the middle of your manuscript.

What do I get back upon completion?

For copyediting service, you will receive a fully edited manuscript showing all changes and author queries, a copy of the fully edited manuscript with all changes accepted (a clean document) with the optional cleanup edit, and a style sheet.

For proofreading service, you will receive the proofread manuscript with all edits showing on the pdf or physical proof.

How does billing work?

Upon acceptance of terms, you will be invoiced 10% due at booking and another 45% owed by the day before the project begins. The final 45% is due when the final edit is returned. Payment plans can be adjusted as needed.

Which types of payments do you accept?

PayPal, credit and debit cards, direct transfer

What is the difference between copyediting and proofreading?

Both types of editing involve looking for errors and inconsistencies in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Copyediting also involves word usage and style. Proofreading is performed on a fully edited and formatted document prior to publication and also examines layout.

Click here to see how Tracked Changes works.

*All services require a 10% non-refundable down payment at time of booking.


"Stephanie is quite knowledgeable in her craft, which I find to be well-honed. But it was her professionalism and friendly nature in working with me that sold me on her skills as an editor. She genuinely cares about my manuscript and my skills as an author."

Eric Walker (Lost Souls Recovered)





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