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I’m Stephanie, an Editor near Atlanta.

At White Rabbit Editing, I know you want to be a successful author. In order to do that, you need a high-quality publication. The problem is you have an unpolished, error-laden copy, which makes you feel vulnerable and embarrassed. I believe that all readers should have a great reading experience. Mistakes can interrupt the flow of reading, which is why I became a professional editor. 


  • Specialized Certificate in Copyediting — University of California, San Diego Division of Extended Studies
  • Copyediting Fiction course — Editorial Freelancers Association
  • Curriculum Developer and Member of Romance Writers of America
  • Magna Cum Laude — University of Georgia
  • Ten years of research paper writing and editing
  • Avid reader with strong knowledge of many fiction and nonfiction genres

How It Works

Step #1: See if we are a good fit

 I will perform a sample edit of your manuscript and present an estimate for services. 


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 I will copyedit or proofread your work to ensure the final copy is in top shape.

Step #3: Publish with confidence

I will return your fully edited manuscript along with a personalized style sheet (with copyediting service) you can use for future projects.

"She was direct without being judgmental. Her eye for overwriting and POV head-jumping was keen, and she was equally good at highlighting grammar inconsistencies. In the world of the grammar police, she would be the good cop."

Tom Diggs (White Knuckles)

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